9 thoughts on “ Burn Cologne - Feeling Like A Bitch (Vinyl)

  1. It might feel like you have something in your eye. Solution: Talk to your eye doctor if there are problems with your contacts. Toss out eye makeup after 3 to 4 months, and don’t share it.
  2. Burn bitch, AK in my firm grip Leap if you feeling like Kermit, sermons Preach reach and I smoke your ass like Cheech I be faded like bleach, double barrel Siamese I like my swisher obese fuck that bitch like police Fuck these haters with no grease, you get chin checked goatee Money talks bitch and mine talks like Robin Leach.
  3. May 30,  · I can't remember when, probably mid May, but I have almost eliminated smoking altogether. I have had roughly cigarettes a week since then. My hands, arms and feet are tingly. Most days at work after lunch, I feel like I'm having "hot flashes". Best way I can describe it. My right lung feels like it's burning. Pain in my upper back comes and.
  4. It burns because it likely has alcohol in it. Besides, as others have said, do not put cologne in your armpits. I have always been advised to put it anywhere that might get near another/in contact with another person - wrists, nape of your neck, maybe chest. level 1.
  5. I don't at least feel reminded of "Jolie Madame", to compare "Anglomania" with pre-reformulation "JM" is not justifiable. That being said, "Anglomania" is a better perfume than "My Queen". "Anglomania" starts with tea and cardamon; this is, I suppose, what others discribed as the "damp" smell. I don't like tea in my fragrance either/5().
  6. Feeling like a Bitch, an album by Burn Cologne on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  7. Jan 18,  · What Does Marijuana Smell Like? Marijuana (a.k.a. “pot” or “weed”) is an extremely common plant-based drug that is used both medicinally and recreationally. The marijuana plant contains psychoactive agents like THC that, when smoked or eaten, produce a high feeling and a variety of physical and mental effects.
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