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  1. (singing ala Bing Crosby) "If I was a rich man, bub-bub-bub- bub-bub-bub-bub-boo. All day long I'd beety-beety bum, if I was a wealthy man" It's from "Fiddler on the.
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  3. Mar 25,  · that went Bub – Bub – Bub – Boo. With a twist. of a dial through the air it was heard and it was. lasting. Sometimes there was a whistle with the. golden sound: Bub – Bub – Bub – Boo. All who. heard it felt joy and happiness. In fact if there. was sadness anywhere you just had to hear Bub – Bub – Bub -- Boo and “BING” the.
  4. Didja know that the old crooner Bing Crosby (bub bub bub boo) actually used to have a "discipline night" for his boys where he would arbitrarily beat their ass with a belt for good measure?
  5. His trademarks were his pipes, golf clubs, race horses and colorful sports shirts. He sang in a rich Irish baritone and, especially during his early days, interspersed his ballads with "bub-bub-bub-boo" and a variety of whistling. He won a Academy Award for his .
  6. It was Bing's "bub-bub-bub-boo" style of crooning that brought special attention to him during his CBS radio series in According to Carroll Carroll, longtime writer for Crosby, and author of I Looked and I Listened, Bing actually stumbled.
  7. Frustrated by this lack of production due to Frankie's singing, Porky fights fire with fire, holding auditions for singing birds (giving WB another chance to possibly lampoon some of the era's best-known signing talent), until (Bing) shows up, with his trademark pipe and bub-bub-bub-boo.

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