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  1. Battle of the Bulge (December 16, –January 16, ), the last major German offensive on the Western Front during World War II. The ‘bulge’ refers to the wedge that the Germans drove into the Allied lines during their ultimately unsuccessful attempt to push the Allies back from German home territory.
  2. The Battle: Create an army with your money and wipe out the enemy and their fortress. - The Battle is one of our selected Shooting Games. Play Now!/
  3. The Battle of Los Angeles, also known as the Great Los Angeles Air Raid, is the name given by contemporary sources to a rumored attack on the mainland United States by Japan and the subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage which took place from late February 24 to early February 25, , over Los Angeles, California.
  4. The battle was a momentary victory for the Lakota and Cheyenne. The death of Custer and his troops became a rallying point for the United States to increase their efforts to force native peoples onto reservation lands.
  5. Play Diablo I and II, Lord of Destruction, StarCraft, Brood War, and WarCraft II frecteldehltrebatterciescespocomgamul.coinfo Edition online. Offers news, forums, strategy, and technical support FAQs.
  6. Aug 05,  · The Battle of Tupelo opened early morning of July 14 and ended north of town, late afternoon of July NPS. The bold numbers in this text reference the numbers on the map.
  7. Your one stop shop for news, weather, and activities in Battle Creek and surrounding areas.
  8. battle (with someone) (over someone or something) Fig. to argue or struggle with someone over someone or something. (Not meant to involve physical fighting.) Why do you always have to battle with me over practically nothing? You shouldn't battle over just anything for the sake of argument! See: a battle of nerves a battle of wills a battle of wits a.

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